ArCANIS - A Modern Animal Tarot Deck

Created by David DePasquale

ArCANIS - A Modern Animal Tarot Deck
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353 backers pledged $19,748.00 on Kickstarter

ArCANIS is a tarot deck and 168 page full color companion book that combines a love of animals with simple, modern character design.

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$19,748.00 / 353 backers
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$1,971.00 / 352 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017
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Companion Book
168 page, full color companion book to the Arcanis tarot deck, complete with card meanings and sp... more »
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Tarot Deck
78 card, full color tarot deck. Foil stamped on front and back.
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Enamel Pin
Enamel pin of the Hermit Tarot card!
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11"x17" Full Suit Poster
An 11x17 Poster of all 14 cards of your favorite Minor Arcana suit!
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Custom Tarot Illustration
A custom illustration of your pet or favorite animal as a tarot card of your choice! Please messa... more »
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5"x7" Sketch
A 5x7 Original sketch from me! Images are sketches I've done in the past, and are a good example ... more »
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Hermit Postcard
Signed, 5x7 Postcard of the Hermit tarot card.
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Random Three Card Spread
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8.5"x11" Print
8.5x11 Print of your favorite tarot card!